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Paper Cup Machine Chennai India

     Ever since Plastic was shown its way out, Paper Cup made through unique machines have become dominant in India. We are quick to lap up the technology and the trends to produce various devices and equipment that can create many types of holders of your choice. With us based in Chennai, where demand for beverage holders and containers is so very high, we supply and deliver machinery not in Chennai and also across the north, east, west and south zones of the nation. Our Paper Cup Machines can produce anywhere between 15 and 45 cups in a minute which converts to 500 to 1000 per hour. We do not grow content with providing only one type of equipment or device as we do not believe in ‘one-size-for-all’ solutions. We would be happy to offer you enough variety with a huge gamut of products, since the embracing of this material vis-à-vis plastics have helped open up the market for our products. This very material is known to perform the best when compared to other materials which were used in the past

     Nowadays, you can hardly see Plastics used for packaging and serving foods in retail outlets. The non-biodegradable nature of Plastics was realized by the State and Central Governments of India, although they were used extensively in the past.Since then beverage companies and food packaging companies have started to rely on the counterparts of Plastic. Some companies started using equipment and devises in a separate unit to produce holders of various types with the only standardized acceptable material. Although they are PE (Polyethylene) coated, they are not as harmful as Plastic used for packaging and serving foods and beverages. Sometimes, they come with special handles too made of the same material which comes in handy to lift and use when hot beverages are poured in.