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Paper Glass Making Machine

Paper Glass Making Machine chennai
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Paper Cup Handle Forming Machine
High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine
Ultrasonic Paper Cup Forming Machine
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Disposable Glass Manufacturing Machines

     Disposable Glass Manufacturing Machines make both cups for hot as well as cold drinks. This equipment coats Polyethylene (PE) on a single side, if hot beverages are meant to be consumed. For cold and soft drinks, a double side PE coating would be appropriate. These are very much degradable which can help you dispose new ones made. These types of cups are suitable for those who sell foods and beverages in special containers.

     Disposable Glass Manufacturing Machines make cups that can be immediately discharged after usage. In shops, offices, multiplexes, theaters and public places where people gather in large numbers, it is not possible to provide recyclable cups, which will result in waste of time, water and energy. Recyclable cups do take time and water for cleaning while a dischargeable cup can save time, water and cost which is why buying such equipment is more beneficial to you, your business and also to others.

     This forming equipment makes single side PE coated as well as double side PE coated beverage holders. With the help of a Paper Glass Cup Making Machine, you can make cups suitable for consumption of both hot as well as cold drinks. Of course, ultrasonic coating is one of the special features of this cup forming equipment which comes along with so many other special features. Double Side coating equipment is also of better quality than that of single side coating equipment.

     With cups made from a single side PE coating Paper Glass Cups Making Machine, you can hold hot drinks such as coffee and tea. Cold and Soft drinks such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fruit Juices, etc. can use cups made of double side PE coaters as containers. Semi-solid, semi-liquid foods such as Ice creams can also take these cups as containers. The equipment also looks more sophisticated in appearance which adds an aesthetic touch to the device. It is one of the special devices that you can purchase to help cut costs in your beverage and food packaging business.